In 2002, Pastor Paul and Patty Palmer traveled from California to Atlanta, Georgia, for a family trip. During their visit, they encountered a homeless man sleeping on the steps of a locked church. They knocked on the door of the building but quickly discovered the church staff was little interested in the man on the steps. At that moment, the Atlanta Dream Center Church was born. It would be a place with open arms (and doors) for everyone.

The Palmers, along with nine of their eleven children, moved across the country to establish the church in the center of one of Atlanta’s most crime-ravaged communities. The goal? Bring restoration and hope to broken lives and entire communities. Even before Sunday services were established, we reached out to local residents, asking this question: “how can we serve you?” The premise was simple: show people the love of Jesus by serving them well.

We quickly became known for welcoming anyone and everyone – an identity that still exists today. Then and now, families, business leaders, the homeless and college students all worship, fellowship and serve alongside one another. It is a place where every person, regardless of economic standing, social class, race or age, is genuinely welcomed and loved. Today, as we focus on worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach in order to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse community, we remain committed to keeping our hearts and doors open.

We have been and always will be a church for everyone.

These core values are our guard rails for everything we do at the Atlanta Dream Center Church. They let us know that we are still on the path toward our goals, vision and mission. They are our guiding principles and help us determine whether or not we are doing things right.

The reason core values are important to have, is that they determine boundaries for our behavior as we are moving forward. They create a framework for a Godly character.

Core Value 1 | Prayerful – We pray together for, over and in everything we do.

Core Value 2 | Eternal Mindset – In everything we do, we recognize the reality of eternity.

Core Value 3 | Sound – From events and ministries to meetings: Everything we do will be God-centered and people-loving.

Core Value 4 | Integrity – All we do, we do with transparency, accountability and right-ness (law-abiding).

Core Value 5 | Excellence – Rather than pursuing perfection, we pursue excellence. Everything we do, is done with care, seriousness and great practice.

Core Value 6 | One Accord – Everyone on this team is equal, yet everyone fulfills their own role. We are all called to the priesthood. We work as a team.

Core Value 7 | Stewardship – We value and take care of all that the Lord has entrusted us with – from time and finance, to people and talents.

Core Value 8 | Full of Grace – We are graceful toward others and ourselves. We walk in grace during events and everything else we do. (not to be confused with permissiveness.)

To be a church for everyone.

The four pillars upon which we build to fulfill our vision are worship, outreach, discipleship and fellowship.


Clarence Watkins | Youth Pastor
Crystal Watkins | Worship Director
Amber Moya | Kids Pastor
Kimberly Carbajal | Creative Director
Christina Paul | Chris Cross Cafe